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Ageha is pretty bitch
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22nd-Jul-2011 08:46 pm - I swear I am alive.
Ageha is pretty bitch
Ok. HI. If any of you remember me >.>

I am back from my un-announced Hiatus from LJ so i can get school shit together. It's calmed down and now ASDJASKJDHAS 


That is all.
(I feel like i should say more >.>)
uh shit
 No, really. He does.

Tegoshi Yuya

Seto Koji

Seee? I told you ;)

That is all ♥
(Sorry about no LJ-cut. I wanted to shove this in your faces and make sure you all saw this /bricked)

16th-Feb-2011 02:56 pm - Huge Icon Post
Keito Cant Wear Shirts
Icons in this post:
1. Hey! Say! JUMP (50)
2. NYC (42)
3. B.I.Shadow (15)

See a shitload...Collapse )
15th-Feb-2011 08:58 pm - A present for aikoi_wings

Title: Because Creeps Like Little Girls.

Rating: G

Pairing: YamadaxOCxYuto (small small small YamaJimaChii if you squint)

A/N: This horrendous piece of work is for the all too adorable and lovely aikoi_wings <3 I hope you enjoyed it and it made you feel better! I enjoyed writing it for you ;)

Summary: Yamada and Yuto were most definitely not creeps. Only sometimes.


The two boys nervously looked at the girl in front of them who seemed a bit uncomfortable in front of the two boys who confessed as her stalkers.Collapse )


3rd-Feb-2011 01:02 am - I normally don't put out I swear.

Because all of you wonderful people are shoving this in my face sharing this with me, I thought I'd do it too xDD

I never do these so I thought I'd whore myself out this year. Its kinda a new years resolution ;)

If you want to, you can confess your undying love for me here

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